Saturday, August 27, 2011

TUTORIAL: Back to School look

Hello, Beautiful!:) everyone is posting about back to school look in YouTube and blogs, so I decided to do one even though school started here in the Philippines last June and most schools don't allow makeup in highschool. But I want to do this look for students who wants to wear makeup whenever they're going out with friends and for my readers who are from other countries and just got back to school.:) hope you love this look..

My sister, Sacha, is 15 years old and she's in Junior High. I want to give her a makeup look that she can wear in the malls or movies with her friends and in her school that won't make her look too dolled up or old.


1. FOUNDATION and CONCEALER. Every girl needs to have a good looking, healthy skin. Use a foundation that has SPF and that is best for your skin type.

2. BROWS. Brows are important. It is like the frame in a picture. If you have brows that are not yet groomed, you will look not made up and perfect even if your makeup is pretty and well done.

Barely There

3. EYESHADOW. For highschool and college students, natural makeup is the best look. Not too much, all you need is to enhance the features you already have. You can add a pop of color but still keep it natural. You don't want to go to school catching everyone's attention because you have TOO MUCH makeup. You want to catch their attention 'cause you look fresh and pretty.

I used a shimmery eyeshadow all over her lids.


and add a matte brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of her eyes and blended it on her crease. Bring it down to the lower lash line too.


4. LINER. I picked a matte brown shadow, darker than the one I used on her crease, and used it as her liner. I lined her eyes with an eyeshadow 'cause it looks more natural and softer than using a pencil or liquid liner.

5. HIGHLIGHT and MASCARA. Highlight the inner corners to open up your eyes and look more brighter and awake.

6. POWDER. Always bring a compact powder with you to remove shine especially if you have oily face.

7. BRONZER. Brushed it on the hollows of the cheeks, temples and the excess bronzer on your brush you can use it on your nose, chin and forehead.

8. LIP COLOR. Tinted glosses and stains are perfect for students 'cause they give the right amount of color and they look natural. If you want to use lipsticks, choose a nude and light colored lipsticks. Light pinks and peach colors are your best options. If you want more color, you can use a bright colored lipstick, swipe it all over your lips then blot it with tissue so it will look like a bright stain. Not too bright and shocking!:)

I love this lipstick from Rimmel 'cause the packaging is pretty, and the lipstick is moisturizing! Plus the color is perfect. Not too bright but still gives a hint of color. It makes your lips look juicy.:)


I hope you guys like this look. Even those who are not students and working already can wear this look. :) ENJOY doing this makeup! Love and Kisses -SAM

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