Friday, August 5, 2011

Funny Post.. A Minute w/ Chris Cayzer... :-D

If you guys want to know me better, I will from time to time, post random pictures of me. Like, what I love doing, my favorite things, friends, places, foods... You know, stuff like that...:)

so, for my post today. I was checking my Multiply account since I never opened it for two years already, when I saw this picture of me and my ultimate crush, Chris Cayzer.. Hahaha it was taken by my friend, Dino, who is also a friend of Chris C...:) (actually Dino, is my uncle's nephew but we're not blood-related since my uncle is my father's sister's ex-husband... So I'm blood- related to my aunt not my uncle. Okay I'm blabbering) anyhoo, I was in the gunshow, selling guns, when my husband said that Chris's there too... I was blushing already UNTIL I heard Dino talk to Chris's parents and told them that I have a huge crush on him.. Hahaha they called Chris to drop by our booth and Dino asked him if he could take pictures of us, together.. My hands are so cold and I'm speechless.. He smiled and asked my name then posed beside me.. I can't remove the smile on my lips.. Hahaha he's sooo handsome. After that, he never visited the gunshow again. I wonder why? Hmmm maybe he thought I was a stalker LOL.. Here are the photos..:)

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