Friday, September 9, 2011

What I Bought: A Collective Haul post.. With Reviews and Swatches

Hello, Beautiful!:) This is a collective haul post meaning, these are the items that I bought the past days/weeks.. It's not much but I also included swatches and short reviews about the items.:)


Maybelline BB Cream in 02 Natural
Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Gold and Oriental
Nichido Minerals Precise Liner

First will be the Maybelline BB Cream

this BB Cream is in a squeeze botte with a narrow tip so you can control how much product you will use. The volume of this product is 18ml and has SPF26. It has 2 shades but I got the natural shade which is a tad darker than my skin tone. It says it will 1. BRIGHTEN 2. EVENS 3. SMOOTHES 4. REFINES 5. CLEARS 6. CONCEALS 7. MOISTURIZES 8. PROTECTS SKIN. It was a bit disappointment because it doesn't have much coverage like what I usually hear about BB Creams. I can't compare it also to a tinted moisturizer 'cause my tinted moisturizer has more coverage than this BB Cream, maybe if I use more of the product but it says that I only have to use a dot on forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. It is Php 249.00 in SM Dept. Store.

Second are Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation and Nichido Minerals Precise Liner

Review on the foundation:
Each bottle contains 30ml of liquid foundation. It says that it is a long lasting liquid foundation that dries faster than any of it's kind. It will leave a soft natural finish without flaking, covers redness, dark circles and miner imperfections. It also has vitamin E that helps lock moisture. Well, I just bought it not for me but for future clients. I was sad it only has 3 shades, Gold, Oriental and Natural (If I'm not mistaken). I bought Gold and Oriental 'cause I don't have those shades yet. I was expecting Gold to be darker and a bit bronzey but when I swatched it at home, it is so light! Even lighter than my skin tone which is very fair/light. The Oriental I thought has a yellowish tone but it is just a little darker than my skin, I can go out wearing it and it won't look too dark on me. The shades are a bit disappointment but it's okay. The coverage is nice. It is light and not greasy. It is also buildable so you can start with a little amount and add if you want more coverage. So far, i am liking it.:) It is Php165.00 each on SM Dept. Store.

Review on the liner:
Contains 2.5ml of liquid liner and the packaging is small and thin with glitters.The wand is felt tip. Easy to stash in your bag. It promises long lasting, waterproof and no transfer. I prefer brush tip 'cause it is easier for me but it's just my preference. I had a hard time doing a wing with the felt tip 'cause it's hard and a bit wide for me (again, just my opinion). As of the performance of the liner, it didn't last long for me, It didn't smudge though and didn't transfer but it is super easy to remove with water, even just a tissue or wet wipe. It is Php150.00 on SM Dept. Store.


L-R: Ever Bilena Gold, Oriental and Maybelline BB Cream

Nichido Liner


My college friend and also a beauty blogger, Isha ( sells NYX products and I was so excited to buy that I bought 5 round lipsticks and NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk. Who doesn't love MILK??:)) I received the goodies this morning and when I opened it I was like "WHEEEEEE!!!" they look so pretty! Shiny new Milk, the round lipsticks are so pretty to look at!:)

NYX Round Lipsticks and Eyeshadow pencil in Milk:

L-R: Milk Pencil, Penelope, Sierra, Marrakesh Pink, Orange Soda and Femme

Review on the lippies and swatches:
The lippies 4g/0.14oz each. The packaging is a shiny black with their logo on the front of the cap and color name on top of the cap. They're smooth on the lips, smells good, has a lot of fun colors. The downfall of this product is the lippies are just on top of your lips, they don't stick too much on the lips that's why it smudges easily especially the bright red ones (based on my experience with NYX Electra) and it stains your skin. But I like it though.:)

Penelope, Sierra, Marrakesh Pink, Orange Soda and Femme

Penelope is a dark blackish purple. Like a super dark eggplant.
Sierra is a nude beige.
Marrakesh Pink is a super pale baby pink.
Orange Soda is a pale orange, almost skin tone.
Femme is a bright pink, a bit neon.

all are cream finish, no shimmers but not matte on lips.

Review on Milk and swatch:
It is 5g/0.18oz. A cream eyeshadow in a pencil form. usually used as eyeshadow base to make colors more vibrant. It creases so you have to put powder or pigment shadows to set it. All in all it is nice!:) and I love NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils.:) I usually "de-pot" them (they're not in pot but I put them in a pot hahaha I don't know what term to use. Hmmm "de-pencil"??).

I would like to thank, Isha, for the products.:) Got the babies fast. Til my next transaction, Baby!:)

Thanks for Reading! Love and Kisses -Sam


  1. EB liquid foundation is good sis and i am using oriental right now. And i have penelope to by NYX. Nice haul sis.

  2. YAY! great haul hun! i so want to try the marakesh pink! i dont have it yet..
    i just new lately~that isha owns the NYX manila online shop~ i'm so impressed! and glad to know that you are best friends... sweet!
    great haul hot momma! enjoy!
    mmuah much!

  3. i really need to try the EB product line.. i dont know what i'm missing..
    got some blog suggestions about it.. thanks for sharing..

  4. Anne: Yeah! I am liking EB foundation now.:) super affordable pa. I like how it dries fast on your face pero you can't put it at the back of your hand coz it dries there too bago mo pa magamit on your face.:) thanks, Girl!:)

    Diane: I just started using EB now. Was too scared it might break me up. But when I saw how affordable they are, I just have to try it and see if it's good. So far, i rate the EB products I have as 7/10.:) Marrakesh Pink is super pale pink but nice for very dramatic eyes.:) Barbie-ish pale pink.:) try it!:) yeah, Isha's my friend since 1st year college.:) hope to see you soon, Love!:) thanks, hot momma!:) mwahhh