Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PLAY DAY: using Ever Bilena eyeshadows

Hello, Beautiful!:) this look that I will be posting is just random. You can't wear it anywhere (unless you're in a Halloween Party or you're just crazy like that), but it's fun and colorful. It's not really creative too. My daughter, Summer just wants to play with me and my makeup.:) so here's the pictures!:)

nothing too fancy but I had fun doing it!:) please help me name this look.:) comment below, Beauties!:)

Items used:

Thanks for dropping by, Beauties!:) Love and Kisses -SAM


  1. This look actually reminds me of katy perry at her ET music video. You look eccentric yet gorgeous. Plus, I love the Ever Bilena eyeshadows you used. How much was it? They look super pigmented. :)

    much love,

  2. The look spells fun adventure! Love your stunning experiment with pigments.=)

  3. Gellie: really?:) thanks hehe they're Php108.00 each at the expo.:) I'll post a review in a while about the shadows.:)

    Diane: thanks, Love!:)

    Eunice: thanks, Girl!:) I'll check out your blog!:)

  4. Sana pala bumili din ako nito. Love your FOTD.

  5. Anne: okay lang!:) di ka manghihinayang when you read my review about it tomorrow.:)