Saturday, September 3, 2011

Event: Phil. Cosmetics Expo, Sept.2,2011

Hello, Beautiful!:) This will be a post about the on-going event in Megamall, Megatrade Hall 1, THE PHILIPPINE COSMETICS EXPO. Supposedly I'm going there today (Saturday), but
My husband and I decided to go there, Friday, since we're in Manila already because of his work. After hours of waiting, chatting with our friends and eating lots of Japanese food, we decided to go to Megamall. I was surprised that it wasn't traffic 'cause I'm so used to seeing lots of cars and no parking space in Megamall every Gunshow. When we were inside, my husband asked me if I have the correct date of the said event 'cause there are only few people in the mall and the Megatrade Halls 2&3 are close. I said I'm sure. Wen we reached Megatrade Hall 1, another surprise!!!! The event was not what I expected. It was a small venue or event for an expo and there are very few exhibitors that were in the event. I'm not sure if I'm used to jam-packed Megatrade Halls every Gunshow or I expected too much or the expo was really just a blah! It was quiet, few people, few items to see. It was boring! I did meet few good people though, like the Mary Kay Phil. People, and I found few good finds like cheap makeup case/train case, makeup brushes, few makeups. I am pretty happy with what I bought.

What to expect in the event:

*mostly brown eyeshadows!!!
*skin care products
*hair products
*train case
*free facials, manicure and makeover
*NYX products, EOS products and MILANI products (all in Digital train case)

What I expected:

-I expected too much like makeup competitions, prosthetics competition, fashion shows, tutorials etc.
-I also expected famous local brands and mostly drugstore makeup brands to be there like, Fanny Serrano, Maybelline, Revlon, E.L.F and others but no! They're not there!!
-no famous salons or dermas or even mani/pedi spas like Nailaholics, Posh nails, David's Salon, Belo Beauty blah blah blah... They're all under cosmetics they should be there!!!
-NO MAKEUP SCHOOL!!!! That's the only reason why I want to be there. To inquire and choose a good makeup school. but nada!
-lively music
-and beautiful booths and stalls.

~I can say that you can go there if you wanna buy NYX, MILANI AND EOS. But they're not discounted I think. The EOS BALM is 250, NYX ROUND LIPSTICKS still at 150, MILANI LIQUID EYELINER is 350.. Same if you will order online, minus the shipping fee.
~There are free facials and makeovers so that will be fun if you're with your girlfriends.
~Cheap finds. But FEW finds.
~GOOD PEOPLE!! I LOVE MARY KAY PEOPLE!:) Very charming, funny and lovely girls!:) they really stuck in my mind and I really have to mention them. They're the only people there that are smiling and very warm! They even gave me a GC for free facial and manicure!:)
~The infamous Morrocan oil is cheap there. They're selling it for 1,500 but next month they'll be more pricey cause they'll launch it commercially.

I just wish next year will be better. Like a real expo! A big event!!! Much like the wedding expos and food expos. More exhibitors, more events like contests and shows, seminars and tutorials. It was disappointing but the warmness of the few people I met there made my trip to Megamall worth it!:)


THANKS FOR READING!:) if ever you went to the expo, please comment to me what you think about it!:) LOVE AND KISSES -SAM


  1. sad, can't go there.. =( thanks for sharing sissy.

  2. no problem..:) I'm pretty sure you'll be disappointed too.:) maybe next year we can go together and hopefully it will be better.:)