Thursday, September 8, 2011

REVIEW: Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadows in Amazing Pink and Blue Happiness

Hello, Beautiful!:) I was in the Cosmetics expo and I saw these colorful palettes of eyeshadows that I need to buy immediately!

They're 12 grams (each palette) and has 5 colors.

COLORS: (I just named them according to what the colors look like, they don't have names individually in the package)
The Blue Happiness has 5 shimmery (super) shadows: Sky Blue, Mint Green, Teal, Turquoise Blue, and White (middle).
The Amazing Pink has 5 shimmery (super) shadows: Coral, Light Old Rose, Fuschia (or as my baby Summer said, "Mama, it's HOT PINK!"), Purple and Baby Pink (middle).

*Both palettes include sponge applicators..

When I swatched the samples on my hand, in the expo, I only use my finger and was amazed on how pigmented they are but was kinda hesitant 'cause they are way too shimmery. But since it is cheap, my hubby said "when a makeup is only a hundred bucks, don't think twice! BUY IT!" so I did. The next day, I did a makeup look with the shadows and noticed how it is harder to pack colors on my eyes using the shadows with a brush especially the lighter colors like the Mint green, Sky Blue, Coral and Old Rose. The White and baby Pink are different issue. THEY ARE GRAINY and hard to put in your eyes 'cause they tend to fall off your brush. They're so grainy that when you press your brush on the White and Baby Pink shadows, they break or crumble 'cause they're soft. They're like chunks of wet glitters that were packed in a palette. Same goes to the Sky Blue, Mint green, Coral and Old rose but not as bad as the White and Baby Pink. I like the Fuschia, Purple, Teal and Torquoise. They are easier to pick up with a brush, easier to blend, and not too grainy but still super shimmery, that the shimmers tend to make the colors look lighter on the skin and not as bright as they are in the palette. they are pigmented, YES. They are pretty too. I just don't prefer using it all at the same time. maybe two colors but one on the lid and one on the lower lashline 'cause if you use them both on your lid, you'll catch too much attention and they're not for photoshoots.

-Beautiful colors
-Good for playing and making crazy looks
-Also good when used one color at a time and mixed or used with matte shadows especially neutral browns, black, gray, for that pop of color and shimmer.

-Smells funny. Like a toy makeup. That weird, funny, smell that tickles your nose and makes you sneeze. It's not strong but you can still smell it.
-Grainy!!! The White shadow is a big, pressed chunk of glitters.
-Too Shimmery. SHINY!
-You can't use the fun colors for photo shoots 'cause they attract too much light.


For swatches I used it on my face! LOL

Thanks for Reading!:) Love and Kisses -SAM

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  1. got the same experience here... its really shiny and grainy! I'll just save mine for some funky looks I wanna try :) Got a review about it too, just sharing if you're interested: