Monday, August 29, 2011


I was asked by my friend @ManilaBloggers what I will suggest for affordable makeup brands and online shops. So, I made a list of my trusty, go-to drugstore makeups. Drugstore makeups are well, makeups that are sold in drugstores in US or in department stores/beauty stores here in PI. They are very affordable and some are as good as the more expensive brands like MAC and URBAN DECAY. They make good dupes for MAC colors too.


for foundations I like Covergirl and Neutrogena. Maybelline has BB Creams too but I haven't tried it yet. Max factor is the best!

for mascaras my go-to brand is Maybelline. IT NEVER FAILED to make my lashes look longer and fuller. I love Colossal and Falsies.

I'm very picky when it comes to eyeshadows. I use Covergirl but they're not pigmented. You have to build it up, put too much effort to achieve the color you want. I have this Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow and I love it. There may be some fallouts but the colors are gorgeous. I always use the Revlon Colorstay in Sterling Rose quad. But for the best brand for eyeshadows, L'Oreal is my choice. The HIP eyeshadow duos are good. They're pigmented and I love the colors! They have matte, metallic, bright, concentrated. The winner in these shadows are the metallics. they're super pigmented! The loser are the mattes. You have to build them up too before you get your desired color and being a matte eyeshadow, it is chalky. I also like Physician's Formula eyeshadows. The Baked shadows are nice. love the colors too but too many fallouts.

for blush and bronzers, I LOVE in2it cheektints. Eversince I'm in 4th grade I already use these cheektints from in2it. They're natural looking, like you just got out of the gym. I love it! Smashbox Blush Rush is good too. I am using now Love and Beauty's Bronzer on-the-go palette. You can buy it in Forever21. I like it. It's perfect for me and it has eyeshadows and lipsticks in the palette too. Perfect for travelling.

lipsticks, I am starting to love my Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks. Glides on smoothly, makes your lips look juicy and the colors are nice. The downside is it doesn't stay long on your lips. L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick is good for long wearing lipstick but it gives you this super dry feeling. Victoria's Secret lipsticks are good too. (they're not drugstore but they're affordable) They stay on your lips long enough. Revlon is known for their good lipsticks too.

for brows, Etude House has good brow powders according to friends but my favorite is Smashbox Brow Tech.

for eyeliners, Maybelline has a dupe for Stila Smudge Stick. Stila Smudge Stick in Stingray has been my favorite eyeliner but it's too expensive! So when i heard Maybelline has this new eye liner called Master Drama, I have to try it! AND IT'S CLOSE!:) that will be my eyeliner suggestion and recommendation.


the eyeshadow palettes that ranges from 6-120 colors are THE BEST!!! VERY PIGMENTED AND AFFORDABLE. Plus they have loads of beautiful colors!:)

same goes to They're like twins!:))

on Facebook, I hear La Petite Confiserie ( is the best makeup shop. I have yet to try but makeup bloggers swear on this shop. It has good reviews and lots of people love and trust this shop.:) You can order your high-end makeups here and they're not scammers!:)

I hope I get to help you with affordable makeups and where to buy it.

Note: Some products may work for me but won't work on others. These are just my opinions from my experience. I am not saying these will be also the best for you. The products mentioned in this post didn't pay me and I am not affiliated with them.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

TUTORIAL: Back to School look

Hello, Beautiful!:) everyone is posting about back to school look in YouTube and blogs, so I decided to do one even though school started here in the Philippines last June and most schools don't allow makeup in highschool. But I want to do this look for students who wants to wear makeup whenever they're going out with friends and for my readers who are from other countries and just got back to school.:) hope you love this look..

My sister, Sacha, is 15 years old and she's in Junior High. I want to give her a makeup look that she can wear in the malls or movies with her friends and in her school that won't make her look too dolled up or old.


1. FOUNDATION and CONCEALER. Every girl needs to have a good looking, healthy skin. Use a foundation that has SPF and that is best for your skin type.

2. BROWS. Brows are important. It is like the frame in a picture. If you have brows that are not yet groomed, you will look not made up and perfect even if your makeup is pretty and well done.

Barely There

3. EYESHADOW. For highschool and college students, natural makeup is the best look. Not too much, all you need is to enhance the features you already have. You can add a pop of color but still keep it natural. You don't want to go to school catching everyone's attention because you have TOO MUCH makeup. You want to catch their attention 'cause you look fresh and pretty.

I used a shimmery eyeshadow all over her lids.


and add a matte brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of her eyes and blended it on her crease. Bring it down to the lower lash line too.


4. LINER. I picked a matte brown shadow, darker than the one I used on her crease, and used it as her liner. I lined her eyes with an eyeshadow 'cause it looks more natural and softer than using a pencil or liquid liner.

5. HIGHLIGHT and MASCARA. Highlight the inner corners to open up your eyes and look more brighter and awake.

6. POWDER. Always bring a compact powder with you to remove shine especially if you have oily face.

7. BRONZER. Brushed it on the hollows of the cheeks, temples and the excess bronzer on your brush you can use it on your nose, chin and forehead.

8. LIP COLOR. Tinted glosses and stains are perfect for students 'cause they give the right amount of color and they look natural. If you want to use lipsticks, choose a nude and light colored lipsticks. Light pinks and peach colors are your best options. If you want more color, you can use a bright colored lipstick, swipe it all over your lips then blot it with tissue so it will look like a bright stain. Not too bright and shocking!:)

I love this lipstick from Rimmel 'cause the packaging is pretty, and the lipstick is moisturizing! Plus the color is perfect. Not too bright but still gives a hint of color. It makes your lips look juicy.:)


I hope you guys like this look. Even those who are not students and working already can wear this look. :) ENJOY doing this makeup! Love and Kisses -SAM

Photoshoot With Sacha.. BACK TO SCHOOL LOOK

Hello, Beautiful!:) We did a photoshoot with my sister, Sacha, and our theme was back to school. Hope you like it!:) if you want to do this look, please check out my next blog post. THANKSIES!!!

Photographer: Von Tan Gana
Stylist and Makeup Artist: Samantha Sian-Tan Gana
Model: Sacha Sian
Clothes: model's own

Hope you like the photos..:) if you need a MuA/Stylist and Photographer, please E-mail me at

Thanks for reading!!! Love and Kisses -Sam

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Babies: Sky and Summer..:)

Hello, Beautiful!:) I just wanna share to you some pictures of my baby girls!:)

here they are:

This is my baby girl, SUMMER VALEEN..:) She's 3 years and 4 months old. She's really smart, loves dancing, singing, acting and she loves my makeups!:) She always play dress up and watches me do my makeup and write in my blog. She's also extra talkative and bubbly. Her energy is like to the highest of the highest levels!:)))

And this is my cupcake, VEYDA SKY. She's 2 months and 3 weeks old. She smiles a lot and says "agu" all the time. She's so white and her face is a big circle hahah the cheeks are BIG!!!:)) her giggles are to die for hahaha she's such a cutie patootie..

Those are my lovely babies!:)


TUTORIAL: Smokey Brown Eyes using ULTA Pretty and Polished 74 pc collection

Hello, Beautiful!:) this look is the 2nd part of my "Smokey Eyes Tutorial Series". This is a toned down version of my super dramatic black eyes i did last week.:) I used light peachy eyeshadow with gold shimmers and brown shadow on the eyes. Very wearable even for people who are hesitant to wear smokey looks. You can wear this when you have a coffee date with your girl friends, shopping or night out.:) I hope you like this look and have fun doing it. =)

PS: sorry if the pictures are not perfectly taken. The camera is as HEAVY as hell and I can't see if I'm out of focus or not. I'm no photographer LOL. We don't have any other cameras in the house. AND I KNOW my brows are disgustingly hairy hahaha I'll groom them soon. THANKS for understanding.:))))


I used Revlon New Complexion in Sand Beige and also used it as my concealer

Like what I said in the title, I used my HUGE ULTA Pretty and Polished set for this look. 

Here's how the set look:

I used this peachy shadow with gold shimmers on the inner half of my eyes. You can totally use a gold eyeshadow or champagne colored eyeshadow. Just sweep it on the inner half leaving the tear ducts area clear of eyeshadow.


then I picked a shimmery brown eyeshadow and put it on the outer half of my eyes in a tapping motion so there will be no fall outs and blended it inwards.


With a blending brush, dab it on a matte brown eyeshadow, place it on your crease area and sweep it using windshield wiper motions or circular motions.

Milk Chocolate

put it also in the lower lashline connecting to the outer upper lead

Add a shimmery shadow on your tear ducts area and brow bone

I used a brown eyeliner and lined my water line and tightline (it is the upper water line of your eyes)

Eyeliner Duo in Black and Deep Brown

Two coats of black mascara to make it more smokey...:)

* this is the look w/out blush and lipstick

Powder your face to set the foundation and concealer, concentrating on your T- ZONE and under your eyes so your mascara won't smudge.:)

I used the bronzer that comes with the set and a light pink blush on the apples of my cheeks

left: Bronzer  right: Light/Medium powder

Blush in Exposed (excuse my ugly nails)

A nude lipstick is perfect for this look...


Final Look:

Another easy way to do smokey eyes!:) Enjoy doing this look and see you soon on my next blog post!:) please do leave a comment.:)


NOTE: ULTA didn't pay me to do this tutorial or mention them in this blog. My aunt bought this set for me.