Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colorful "Ocean Breeze" Make Up Tutorial with L'Oreal HIP eye shadow duos

for this colorful eyes, I used a flat brush. I put a bright pink (L'Oreal HIP in Brazen) in the inner 1/3 of my eye then I added a pretty purple (L'Oreal HIP in Reckless) on the 2/3, I blended back and forth where the two colors meet.. On the outer 3/3 of my eye I put a matte candy-blue eyeshadow (L'Oreal HIP in Animated). Blended it with the purple. On the upper part of my crease, I placed on a matte bright green eyeshadow (L'Oreal HIP in Perky) and blended it up towards my brows. Then I got a pencil brush, picked a dark, almost black-ish, green eyeshadow (Perky) and brushed it on the crease to make a more distinctive separation between the crease colors and the lid color. Then I got my blending brush and blended the dark green with the bright green. I just swept a shimmery white under my brows with a wide brush and on the inner corner. On my lower eye, I just put a shimmery lilac in the inner half then a darker purple on  the outer part.. I lined my waterline with a beige liner. I didn’t put a black eyeliner on my upper eye cause I want it to be a bit wearable.:) last steps are I curled my lashes the put my black mascara then I’m done.

for my cheeks, I defined my face with a matte bronzer, on the hallows of my cheeks. I used an angled brush. then with a blush brush I picked a baby pink blush and swept it on the apples of my cheeks.

for the lips, you can use a neutral color but I chose a bright pink lipstick to make it more fun..:)

thanks for reading!:)

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