Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Impressions: Victoria's Secret Eye Shadow Quad in Night Moves

I received a package from my Aunt a while ago and she gave me this gorgeous looking eye shadow from Victoria's Secret. I'm so excited to try it out. My first impressions were it is gorgeous, the packaging is sexy, very Victoria's Secret, the colors are nice and it's just SEXY... Haha

here's the quad:
The colors are blue, brown, green and champagne and all of them have a gold shimmers.. 

When I swatch them the color pay off of the brown and champagne shadows are nice. The champagne is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes. Sadly, the blue and green shadows are not as pigmented as the brown shadow. I have to swipe the shadows several times to make the colors pop. 

As you can see, this quad has an animal print-ish design, I'm not really sure if I should use the colors mixed or not, so I did a swatch of it, mixed.

here are the swatches:

L-R: brown, blue, green, champagne and the horizontal one is the mix of the 4 shadows..

when I mixed the 4 shadows it became a bronze shadow..

That's all for my First Impressions Post..:) please leave a comment so I'll know if you liked it or whatever I need to improve)

THANK YOU!!!:) much love
(sorry I'm not a photographer LOL but my husband is and he didn't took these.. I'm trying my best though.. BTW for those who wanna know what camera I'm using, it's Canon Mark3 1D (I didn't use flash))

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